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Cinque Ports

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Cinque Ports refers to the five major port cities of the Federation in southern Keltia: Santurce, San Francisco, Wechuahuasi, Jirishanca, and Isabella.

Confederation of the Cinque Ports

In 1694, the political and economic leaders of these five port cities associated into the Confederation of the Cinque Ports, a socioeconomic organization to better improve efficiencies and secure better coordination among them. The Confederation offices are in Jirishanca.

A Cortes comprising three representatives for each city (one representative from the city government, another from the city business leaders, and another representing port, dockyard, and shipping interests) meets semiannually to discuss matters, while a Council comprising 5 members meets bi-monthly. The Confederation is led by a General Secretary, elected by the Cortes and who chairs the Council.