Ciathid, Lord of the Black

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Early notes:

  • Before Iceria was created, the Creator was alone and created a companion (like a pet), and that is Ciathid.
  • Ciathid swam and traveled every corner of the "void" that later became the universe.
  • Ciathid came to rule the planet of Iceria and was tasked with keeping man in check.
  • An especially strong, gifted warrior is tasked by the nations of the world to bring down Ciathid and slay the beast.
  • The warrior and Ciathid battle for three days.
  • With his weapons crushed and shattered, the warrior only has one more plan up his sleeve to use his blue belt to "lasso" the beast, choke it out, and kill it.
  • The warrior brings Ciathid down, with the belt tied around the beasts' neck, asphyxiating the beast.
Ciathid and the belt thing.

Legend says that Ciathid fell back down to earth and sank beneath the waters, never to return and become part of the world/creation.


Map - black line notes where Ciathid's body fell and landed after he was slayed.

  • Half-assed thought: a cross between the beast and a human that came from Ciathid somehow... and that spawn becomes Melusine... or something? (Melusinian Faith recognizes this creation.)