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Church of Caputia

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The logo of the Church of Caputia, featuring Melusine and the Rose and Sun of Zalae.

The Church of Caputia, also known as the Melusinian Faith, was the state church of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. It was the largest church in Caputia and at its zenith, it occupied great importance in the development and history of the Keltian continent. After the collapse of Caputia due to the White Plague, the Melusinian faith expanded beyond the Keltian continent as millions of Caputians migrated into the Keltian Green, Nouvelle Alexandrie, Ransenar, Constancia, and Natopia.

The Melusinian Faith is a polytheistic religious group based on the teachings and revelations of the Goddess Melusine and the life of her Prophetess Angelica Maria, who serves as the leader of the Church and the Archbishop of Zalae, and several other recognized Prophets. Its believers affirm the supremacy and cult of the Goddess Melusine as the sister and female counterpart of Bous. As such, the Melusinian faith is a sect of Bovinism, considered a sister church to the Dozan Bovic Church.

Its believers affirm that Melusine is the Supreme Goddess of Micras, "the cow to the Bull, Bous," who has ordained the nation of Caputia as Her Daughter through the Vision of Zalae. The Church of Caputia has played a prominent role in shaping the Caputian nation and its reconstruction. Its sacred book is the Libro Aquæ, which contains prayers, stories, and essential statements of belief. The start of the Melusinian faith can be traced to the city of Thaleia, Thalassa in Natopia.

Today, the Church of Caputia is the home of the Melusinian Faith, but it includes various efforts toward ecumenism. The theology and professions of faith, in addition to the Libro Aquæ, generally hold in common that Melusine was persecuted, suffered, escaped to Caputia, descended into hell, slew the Great Serpent, and rose from the dead to grant eternal life to those who believe in her and have made amends. They further maintain that Melusine reigns as the Goddess of Micras from a cavern under the city of Zalae.

The Church of Caputia was established by Royal Decree, when the people of Caputia began petitioning Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia to create a church worshiping Melusine, in fulfillment of the Vision of Zalae presented by Melusine to the people.


Organization and structure

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The General Synod of the Church of Caputia is the Church of Caputia's main legislative body, made up of bishops, clerics, missionaries, and laity from every diocese in Caputia and beyond. The Caputian Parliament is the only body that can override any decision taken by the General Synod. This is exercised rarely.


  • Libro Aquæ, composed of the Tetrad and the Song of Aldin.
    • The Tetrad, a group of four books, is the most sacred of the holy texts of the Melusinian Faith.
      • The Book of Aquamarine;
      • The Book of Sapphire;
      • The Book of Azure;
      • The Melusinian Epistles.
    • The Songs of Aldin, a group of songs and poems telling the tale of the Prophet Aldin, and how he revealed Melusine to Micras.



Vision of Zalae

Sectarian Violence

Rapid Expansion

Collapse of Caputia

Caputian diaspora

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Melusinian Rebirth



Criticisms and Apologetics

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