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Chicha press

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The chicha press is a Wechua nickname for the growing industry of largely sensationalist tabloid journalism.

File:1704 Exposé Cover.png
A 1704 edition of Exposé, a lifestyle and entertainment daily which combined an attention grabbing magazine-format cover with pages of tabloid copy primarily devoted to true crime, celebrity scandal, the cultural life of Cardenas.

The word “chicha” refers to a popular alcoholic beverage similar in taste to kombucha, but closer to beer in alcohol by volume. Due to class divides in the Wechua Nation, the word chicha became associated with negative connotations, including bad taste and excessive use of vulgar or derogatory language. With both bad taste and a love for the vulgar increasingly embraced by cheap daily newspapers in Parap after The Restoration, these newspapers valued sensationalism above all else and targeted a lower class readership. This sensationalism appealed to the target audience, while keeping prices low and accessible to poor and rural sectors of society. These popular newspapers were defined by a distinct style of shoddy journalism and sensationalist reportage, came to be known as the prensa chicha.

The term has been widely adopted in Nouvelle Alexandrie to refer to tabloid journalism in the country. Notable tabloid publications include the National Inquisitor, El Vocero, the National Daily Express; among others. With internet use growing in Nouvelle Alexandrie, the chicha press has found its way to online and blogging platforms, seeking to target youth and higher-income consumers with news, fashion, art, and entertainment.

A big problem with the chicha press is that often it can be inaccurate at best and flat out lie about people or situations. This has brought down the ire of many different political pressure groups and other activists to implement stronger libel, slander, and journalistic protections in Nouvelle Alexandrie.

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