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Alexandria as a community has a long history on its own. To make the game and simulation more interesting, however, there's a narrative that is always evolving about the in-game and in-character Alexandria. This wiki category is meant to hold articles on both.

Origins of the Community

Alexandria was originally founded as the Kingdom of the Union of Madland on May 7th, 2002. It was originally a personal project by Emperor Edgard II to engage in conworlding and model government, partly inspired by Verduria and his participation in Model UN during high school. Madland first started as a simple website and a small conworlding project in which a few of the Emperor's friends participated on and off. Together, this original congregation of Alexandrian citizens formed a unique and compelling political and cultural community; an Empire in the form of a contemporary constitutional monarchy.

As the Emperor's own interest grew, Madland entered the world of micronationalism by joining the map of Micras, opening the door for wider participation and interaction with other similar projects. In November 4, 2004, Madland changed its name to Alexandria. In 2017, Alexandria announced its exit from Micras, pursuing its own cartographic and national destiny after 15 years of membership in the Micronational Cartographic Society.

Since those early days, the Empire of the Alexandrians has experienced numerous changes. Our community has seen periods of chaos and strife, as well as eras of growth and expansion. Governments too numerous to list have moved in and out of our capital city of Port-Réal. Throughout it all, Alexandria has developed a unique national identity with a captivating charm.


It's more fun to take part in history than to read about it. Why not become a citizen? Here are some links that can help you: