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A Parliamentary Monarchy

The Empire of the Alexandrians can best be described as a Parliamentary Democracy within the framework of a Constitutional Monarchy. The unicameral National Assembly of Alexandria, composed of the Crown, the First Consul, and the Deputies of the Empire, is the supreme legislative body. All naturalized citizens of Alexandria are eligible to sit in the National Assembly.

The day-to-day governing is handled by Consuls and other ministers and secretaries with a parliamentary mandate appointed by the Emperor. These ministers, headed by the First Consul of the Empire, together form His Imperial Majesty's Government, also referred to as the Consulate. Although in theory all the power of the Realm reposes in the Sovereign and is dispensed through his hands, in practice all executive acts of the Crown are carried out by the Government in His Imperial Majesty's name.

Whether in the National Assembly or on the Consulate or at the High Court of Justice, exciting opportunities to participate in lawmaking and the governing of the Empire abound. All Alexandrian citizens are invited to sit in the Imperial Assembly as Deputies; many seek further opportunities, however, becoming Consuls or ministers, officers of the Empire, judges, local officials or members of the Imperial Household.


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