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Anzarolexion (Elw: "Discovery Savings"; Cyrillic Elw: Анзаролешион) is an Elwynnese banking, financial services and insurance public joint-stock company, founded by Prince Elijah Ayreon in 1592. Corporate headquarters was in Caligae, Cape Farewell, until 1657, then in Shirekeep until 1673, whereafter in Eliria. Provider of banking services, as Banke Anzarolexion, mainly in Elwynn, Shirekeep, and Sathrati and Talenore. Has a close relationship with the imperial government, as evidenced as part of collection of assets under the reign of Kaiser Ayreon III, and 1654–1657, the company was the in-commission Imperial Minister of the Interior, and is therefore in charge of Shireroth's databases, censuses, tax collections, company registrations, etc.

Owned 1606–1634 by the Elwynnese government due to nationalization, from 1634 until 1657 by the offspring of Nathaniel (as of 1655, one half owned by Prince Aldin, and one by the Kaiser Ayreon IV, in their personal capacities).

In 1657, the company was sold to the Emirate of Sathrati. In 1673, the Emirate of Sathrati restored the company in the form of majority holding for itself and the Estate of Elijah Ayreon (i.e. the legal heirs), as a public joint-stock company in Eliria, with 48% of the shares freely tradeable.

Has branches in:

Following the outbreak of the Second Elwynnese Civil War in 1692 AN the Anzarolexion branches in Amokolia and Upper Elwynn received instructions to suspend operations, with managers receiving instructions to ensure the electronic transfer of all communicable assets to the regional branch in Ardashirshahr. The recovery of high value physical deposits, held in Eliria and Anun, was a task assigned to the a team from the ESB-Jagdverbände.



Owner % Share
Emirate of Sathrati 17
Prince Zahir al-Din 15
Kaiseress Salome 5
Prince Kir 5
Prince Kian 5
Prince Rubin 5
Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands 2
ESB Securities 2
ESB Acquisitions 2
Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia 2
Others 40