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Aldurian Oil Company

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Aldurian Oil Company
Type Public
Industry Oil and gas
Founded 1671 AN
Headquarters Punta Santiago, Alduria
Products Petroleum, natural gas and other petrochemicals

The Aldurian Oil Company (abbreviated to AOC, colloquially known as “Ma’ AOC”) is an Aldurian national petroleum and natural gas company based in Punta Santiago, Alduria. It is a government-owned company that has made available 40% of its shares for trade in the Punta Santiago Stock Exchange. It is a highly profitable company, having seen consistent growth since its founding in 1671 by Presidential Order 012.

It is one of the largest companies in Alduria by revenue. The AOC proven crude oil reserves are at 112.5 billion barrels of crude oil. It is also the largest oil company in Alduria by production numbers (9.8 million barrels per day).

The Aldurian Oil Company operates (in partnership with KerOil) the largest single hydrocarbon network in the country, the Aldurian National Pipeline System. The AOC operates the Amapola Field, Alduria’s largest onshore oil field, and the Fields of Cerulean, Alduria’s largest offshore oil field.


  • Established by Presidential Order 012, which also nationalized oil and gas in Alduria. During its beginnings, it depended heavily from government subsidies and spending as incentives and spending targeted the rapid development of the oil industry to fund the construction of the nation.

Constitutionally, hydrocarbon deposits, regardless of the state in which they are found or the form in which they are presented, are the direct, inalienable and imprescriptible domain of Alduria, and no concession or contract may confer ownership of hydrocarbon deposits. The right to explore and exploit hydrocarbon fields, and market their products is exercised solely and exclusively through the Aldurian Oil Company.


Affiliate (25%): ESB Engineering



  • Amapola Field;
  • Fields of Cerulean;
  • Tudela Fields.

Export Data

Nation Shipper Amount Dates Notes
Constancia Constancia
Natopia Natopia
Wechua Wechua Kerularios & Company
Ransenar Ransenar Kerularios & Company

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