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Aldurian Cruises

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Aldurian Cruises
Type Public
Industry Hospitality
Founder(s) Jorge Betances de Seda
Area served Eura, Keltia, Tapfer
Key people Jorge Betances de Seda (Chairman and CEO)
Maximinus Kerularios (CFO)
  • Alduria Cruises
  • Rodinia River Cruises
  • Star of Constancia
  • Silver Globe Line
  • Neridian Cruises
  • Hotel Imperiale
Owner(s) Jorge Betances de Seda
Maximinus Kerularios
Subsidiaries Hotel Imperiale

Aldurian Cruises is a New Alexandrian cruise operator, currently Nouvelle Alexandrie's largest travel leisure company, with a combined fleet of over 50 vessels across 5 cruise line brands. The company maintains its headquarters in the city of Pontecorvo, Alduria.


Current operations

Aldurian Cruises comprises 5 cruise line brands and one cruise experience brand operating a combined fleet of 52 ships, including security, support, supply, and repair vessels.

  • Aldurian Cruises
  • Rodinia River Cruises
  • Star of Constancia
  • Silver Globe Lines
  • Neridian Cruises

Hotel Imperiale

Notable ships


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