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IMATO code
MIS Code
Founded 1076 AN
Current operations 1707 AN
Bases Emperor Edgard II International Airport
Slogan "Home away from home.."
Parent company 20ne Group SA
Headquarters Cárdenas, Nouvelle Alexandrie
Key people Ethan Chevalier (CEO)

airImperial, legally incorporated as Air Impérial Corporation SA, is the low-cost carrier of Nouvelle Alexandrie, with its head office on the grounds of Emperor Edgard II International Airport in Federal Capital District near Cárdenas. Airline operates domestic scheduled services, and is listed on the Cárdenas Stock Exchange. In 1706+, airline is planning to rapidly expand its fleet and international network.


Origins and formation

airImperial has its roots in the business activity of Alexandria-native Ethan Chevalier, who reportedly gained an interest in the aviation business after being approached as a potential investor of family fortune in Air Alduria expansion. Recognising a vacant niche in the market, Chevalier decided to examine the prospects for launching his own airline, having secured a commitment of a NAX€15 million loan from his mother, lady Nelen Chevalier. While studying various business models in the industry, Chevalier took significant interest in the new practice of price elasticity to be competitive with traditionally cheaper buses and attract customers that wouldn't normally have considered air travel. This principle became a cornerstone of airImperial's operations.

In 1706 AN, airImperial was established by Chevalier, and upon launch, it employed just 70 people. The company being based at Emperor Edgard II International Airport, near which airImperial build their a 15,000 square feet headquarters, its management style typified minimal overhead, such as an early implementation of the paperless office concept. AirImperial currently operates a pair of wet leased aircraft, capable of seating 130 passengers. These were flown on three routes: Cárdenas to Punta Santiago and Rimarima, and Punta Santiago to Rimarima. Early on, airImperial is operated as a 'paper airline', the aircraft themselves being flown and maintained under a lease.

Corporate affairs

The current head office at Emperor Edgard II Airport opened in 1705.


Air Impérial de Nouvelle Alexandrie SA is a joint-stock company, with current shareholders (as of 1705):

Shareholders Interest
20ne Corp SA (represented share of Ethan Chevalier) 50.14%
Lady Nelen Chevalier, KH DSO 3.02%
Free market share 46.84%
Total 100%


Countries in which airImperial operates

airImperial currently operates direct mid-haul flights between Cárdenas, Punta Santiago and Rimarima.

Codeshare agreements

airImperial hasn't any active codeshare agreement.


As of 1706 AN, airImperial operates the following aircraft:

Air Impérial fleet
Aircraft In service Orders Passengers Notes
C M Total
Javelin J-1050 3 48 430 478 Operated by lessor under wet-lease
Total 3


Imperial Business

Business Class is offered as legacy business service. Seats features 38-inch (970 mm) pitch along with up to 3 inches (76 mm) more width than standard Economy seat. The seats also feature a 11 or 12 inches (280 or 300 mm) personal seat-back entertainment screen and a larger armrest separating seats. Unlimited access to on-board Wi-Fi is guranteed. Meals are available on demand. Imperial Business provides extra luggage allowance, priority boarding or seat selection free of charge.

Imperial Go

Imperial Go is a low-cost economy class variant with no checked luggage included. Imperial Go is aimed for those who travel with hand luggage only. Extra luggage allowance, priority boarding or seat selection is paid service. airImperial offers in Imperial Go section a buy on board menu offering food and drinks for purchase. There is no entertainment system installed in Imperial Go section.



During 1707, airImperial plan to a new high-speed Wi‑Fi Internet access system for Imperial Business section. The service is expected to take two years to complete.

The new system is much faster than previously available and will enable passengers to stream movies on board. Wi‑Fi Internet access is free for Imperial Business, Imperial Go passangers must pay a fee.

Accidents and incidents