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Académie Alexandrin

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Académie Alexandrin
Academia Alejandrina
Formation 1651 AN
Headquarters Triegon, Natopia

The Académie Alexandrin (Martino: Academia Alejandrina), commonly referred to as the Alexandrian Academy, is the largest and most important council for all matters pertaining to the languages, cultures, and related heritage of the late Empire of the Alexandrians. The Academy serves as the pre-eminent authority and guardian for the Alexandrian and Martino languages in Micras.

The Academy was established as part of the Imperial University of Alexandria in 1587 AN, as part of a large package of national reforms aimed at improving and expanding education, as well as the celebration of Alexandria's diverse cultural heritage under the reign of Emperor Louis XVII. After the collapse of Alexandria to the Alexandrian flu in 1651 AN, the Academy continued to operate in the last remaining campus of the Imperial University in the now Natopian (formerly Alexandrian) city of Triegon. It is now part of the Alexandrian Patriots' Association, but still maintains its connections and relationships with the Imperial University of Alexandria in Triegon.

One of the most important missions of the Academy is to enrich the Alexandrian and Martino languages and to encourage its influence and use around Micras. The Academy is often credited with great influence in nations with significant Alexandrian and Martino speakers. The Academy produces a myriad of linguistic tools for Alexandrian and Martino-speaking people and to support relations with other languages around Micras. It publishes in print and electronic media official dictionaries, multilingual dictionaries, and maintains a computerized database of terminology along with a database of spelling and grammar, available online through its AlexSpeak service. The Academy also publishes educational materials in coordination with the Alexandrian Patriots' Association and the Imperial University of Alexandria for Alexandrian and Martino-speaking people and participates in projects on oral traditions and the interaction of languages and cultures. It also publishes a significantly influential periodical on Alexandrian culture and language called L'Alexandrin moderne.

The Academy consists of a group of one hundred (100) members, appointed by the Titular Emperor of Alexandria and thoroughly vetted by the Alexandrian Patriots' Association. Historically the Academy maintained a membership of less than its current number, but after the collapse of Alexandria, the Academy was expanded aggressively to be more inclusive of persons that live outside of the current metropoles for the Alexandrian diaspora in Natopia, Alduria-Wechua, Constancia, Ransenar, and others. Forty members of the Academy are chosen with a special focus on the Alexandrian language and another forty members with a special focus on the Martino language. The body has the task of acting as an official authority on both the Alexandrian and Martino languages, but its rulings are not binding on the public or any institutions.

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