A Song of Salt and Ziggurats

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A Song of Salt and Ziggurats is a series of non-fiction narrative novels and historical essays by the Alduro-Babkhan author and film director Kazem Kamran. The first volume of this series, The Settlers Arrive, was published in 1671 and published in 1673. Kamram indicates he has no vision for a set amount of books to the series, explaining "this will be as long as we need to tell the story of Babkha to everything in between to Alduria". The series currently is made of three books. The third and most recent volume in the series, The Harmonious Society, was published in 1675 AN.

Kazem Karam is the chief writer, but he is only one of over 25 different writers, editors, researchers, political scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists that are collaborating with Karam to build an accurate, thorough, and comprehensive series.

A Song of Salt and Ziggurats takes place in the continent of Eura and tells the story of the continent, focusing mainly on the birth and life of the Kingdom of Babkha, the events after its demise, and the birth of Alduria. The series depicts real historical figures and actual events woven together with fictitious conversations and uses the storytelling techniques of fiction to tell the history of Eura.

Among the many derived works are a TV series currently airing on Aldurian television, comic book adaptations, and several card, board, and video games.