Citizenship Process Notes

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From the Telegram development chat:

Edgard :us:🇵🇷:

So, people will apply through a form I will create - won't be on a forum or anything

That forum will register their IP address and stuff for our security information. ;)

Then we evaluate it and if we decide to grant it, everyone will get "residency", which will make them transitory citizens

like, a transition period of like, a month, let's say

they prove themselves, contribute to the wiki, agree to the "Rules" (note to self - draft a Community Charter and Terms of Service)

and then we grant them citizenship

a fancy little certificate or something would be nice

along with a bunch of other benefits.

I would be inclined to waive that transition period if a person was a citizen of Alexandria in good standing in the past 15 years.

But bottom line though, everyone's going to have to reapply again

except maybe some exceptions that we'll put in place before we open applications


[10:54:32 AM] Kaye Crawford: Yeah I think that's the way to go to be honest. And any diplomatic memberships can be restricted in what they see for the immediate term until treaties are signed?

Put them in a group on their own and limit permissions